A Guide on Business Continuity Planning for COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

The COVID-19 belongs to a family of viruses known as the Coronaviruses, which can cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases.

The  symptoms  of  the  COVID-19  are  similar  to  that  of  regular  pneumonia.  Typical symptoms include fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough and shortness of breath

Enterprises are encouraged to plan and implement business continuity plans to minimize disruption to their operations and ensure that business remains viable during the virus outbreak. Enterprises can take the following steps to ensure adequate preparation for business continuity which cover human resource management and all Process and Business functions.


A workflow for visitor and employee screening at the workplace

Additional Note:

     *Please make sure that office facilitates mask, hand-soap and hand-sanitizer

  • Business Continuity Manager/Management  arrange transport to designated clinic or hospital for medical assessment for unwell employee
  • Business Continuity Manager to take down the names and contact details (NRIC no.,

address, mobile number) of all people working in the same place as the unwell person, or who have come into close contact with the unwell person


  • Identify critical business functions (prioritised activities) and essential employees. Enterprises should consider the following:
    1. Set up alternate teams of employees (e.g. Team A & Team B) who can be deployed at different work schedules (e.g. Team A working in the office at alternate weeks, while Team B telecommutes).
    2. Divide team into 2 group : emergency and non emergency staff. *Emergency staff is employee with unwell condition, living with elderly and baby or those who are using public transportation to office.
  • Educate employees on infection control and good personal hygiene.
  • Set a monitoring system for those who are working from home.
    1. Prepare video conference system and set online meeting schedule every morning or evening or any company can set a daily report system using email or digital platform. (The open source apps could be the best option)
    2. Prepare private VPN and tokens for employee who usually works with intranet to make sure all data are secure enough.
  • Make a temperature monitoring llog form
  • Ensure adequate supply of appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and medical equipment (e.g. thermometers, disposable gloves, surgical masks, N-95 masks and disinfectants) and undertake training to familiarize employees on their usage
  • Clean and disinfect the working room
  • Avoid face to face meeting consists of more than 10 persons or more than 5 persons in small room

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