Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology  versi 5 atau COBIT 5 merupakan framework IT Governance yang dikelaurkan oleh ISACA yang popular dalam dunia IT. Didalam Cobit 5 terdapat 37 proses untuk melakukan penilaian maturitas. IT Governance memberikan panduan untuk memastikan terjadinya IT-Business Alignment, pengelolaan risiko TI secara memadai, efisiensi penggunaan sumberdaya TI dan memungkinnya kinerja TI selalu termonitor. Implementasi IT Governance adalah satu key success factor paling krusial implementasi TI, selain ketepatan pilihan Arsitektur TI.

Pada training COBIT 5 ini akan dijelaskan dasar-dasar, prinsip-prinsip utama, interpretasi klausul, serta best practice implementasi IT Governance yang efektif. Pada training ini juga akan dibahas dan diberikan sampel-sampel dokumen (Pedoman, SOP, Instruksi Kerja, Formulir) IT Governance yang berguna bagi pembangunan serta implementasi IT Governance ke depannya.

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This course is designed to give students a broad Managerial Perspective; a CIO’s or IT Manager’s approach to an IT Organization. The course aims at equipping the student with Global Best Practices, IT Governance, Control and Security Standards, various methodologies and professional real-life know-how and experience. Another dimension of this course is to ensure that technical people are well equipped with social & managerial skills, which will add them value in understanding the world of business. Students will learn how Business-IT alignment is to be achieved, how technical people should deal with business issues & how IT investments in an organization needs to be controlled. At the completion of the course; the students are expected to have a unique understanding of control oriented business & technology partnership

Course Outline

  • Introduction to IT Governance
  1. Set & agree upon the common objectives (SLA) with the class
  2. Understanding the business, governance & IT in the global economy
  3. Presenting the course materials and overview of course outline
  4. Introduction to CobiT Framework & its components
  5. Assignment of “individual research” for the next session:
    Governance Issues about famous CIO’s and their achievements.
  • IT Strategic Management – Planning & Organization Domain
  1. Analysis of a typical IT Organization (domains, roles, responsibilities, organizational units and relationship with stakeholders)
  2. IT Processes & their meaning
  3. Planning & Organization related Processes, Management Guidelines.
  4. Assigning “A Day of Controls” for types of Controls
  5. Assigning research/project about an IT Organization
  6. Analysis of a current “IT Organization Chart & mapping the units with Processes”
  • IT Solution Development Management – Acquisition & Implementation
  1. Acquisition & Implementation Domain Processes & Control Objectives
  2. SDLC & IT Project Management
  3. Project Definition and PMI Standards (Project Processes)
  4. How to manage IT Projects – MS Project Overview
  5. Assignment – Project Management Skills
  6. Designing an IT Project Plan & WBS,
  7. Resource Allocation for Tasks & Project Cost Estimation.
  • IT Service & Operations Management – Delivery & Support Domain
  1. Delivery & Support Processes & Control Objectives
  2. Assignment on “DS-05 Ensure Systems Security” Process
  3. Preparing a generic “Security Policy” considering the Detailed Control
  4. Objectives, Segregation of Duties Chart & Management Guidelines
  • IT Control Management – Monitoring & Evaluating Domain
  1. Monitoring & Evaluating Domain Processes & Control Objectives
  2. Introduction to Audit Guidelines & IT Audit Profession
  3. IT Balance Scorecard & Process Monitoring
  4. Assignment of Policy Evaluation
  5. Formerly assigned generic Security Policies compared to BS 7799 / ISO 17799 / ISO 27001 Standard
  6. Performing a Cross-GAP Analysis
  • Business – IT Alignment
  1. Business-IT Alignment Requirements, Information Criteria
  2. Control Risk Assessment, Control Maturity and Process Maturity
  3. Individual Assignment on Maturity Assessment of a current IT Process
  4. Use of Management & Audit Guidelines – KPI’s, KGI’s & CSF’s.
  •  The Legal – Regulatory Environment & the CIO
  1. Legal Standards & Governance Issues on Compliance
  2. Major Standards & Global Best Practices
  3. CobiT, Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS 70, HIPAA, COSO, AICPA-WebTrust,
  4. CMM, CMMI, ITIL, ISO 9001, NIST, etc.
  5. Assignment on Legal/Regulatory Environment – Standards Comparison
  6. Sarbanes-Oxley / CobiT Control Objectives Comparison/Mapping
  • Common IT Practices & Terminology
  1. IT Projects & Purchasing (Business Case, RFI, RFP, POC, SLA, etc.)
  2. Business Process Reengineering (BPR),
  3. e-commerce framework (X2X)
  4. e-signature, digital certification & PKI
  5. Assignment on Project Procurement Management – RFP
  6. Request For Proposal Preparation for a Major Project
  • IT Audit & Risk Management
  1. Business & IT Risks
  2. Business & IT Controls
  3. IT Audit Process
  4. Risk Assessment Methodology & Process Risk Analysis Fundementals & Phases of IT Audit Projects CAAT’s
  5. Assignment on Performing an IT Audit (Process / System)
  6. Audit Report & Executive Summary Presentation
  7. Evidence Review
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